Recliner with Various Features

Modern Recliner Features You May Not Know About

By: Joe Craddock

With the advent of popular trends and cutting edge technology, the recliner has morphed and transformed into a piece of furniture that can do much more than just lean back. From powered mechanisms to stress-melting relaxation, the modern day recliner boasts many features that you may be unaware of. Read on to discover more!

USB Ports

Can you think of anything more convenient than being able to charge and use your phone right in your recliner?!  Think about it: no more buying charger extensions, no more straining your muscles trying to reach your device, no more getting up every 30 seconds when your BFF texts you back!  All while relaxing in your

Rechargeable Battery Pack

If you want a power recliner but just HATE cords and wires, then this is the feature for you. Many recliners nowadays can be powered by rechargeable battery packs, allowing you to place your comfort station wherever you desire.



A good massage provides a flurry of health benefits: relieves stress, improves circulation, relaxes muscles and alleviates joint pain. Now how ‘bout enjoying those benefits in the comfort of your own home, in your favorite chair no less!



What happens when you combine massage with some applied heat? Your stress melts… quite literally. The added heat makes your muscles relax even more, allowing the massage to penetrate even deeper.  A lot of recliners nowadays will offer both heat and massage as paired upgrades.

Power Headrest

Power headrest
Best Home Furnishings: Asher Recliner

Neck and noggin support is very important, especially if you love spending a lot of time in your recliner. A power headrest lets you control your head and neck angle with a mere push of a button, so you can quit hassling with a pillow behind your neck and let the recliner do the work for you!

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Power Lumbar

Man sitting in power recliner
La-Z-Boy: Barrett Recliner

Similar to what a power headrest does for your head and neck, a power lumbar feature does the same for your lower back. When you slouch it’s in part because your lower back isn’t receiving the support it should, making it jut back and your shoulders fall forward. A power lumbar mechanism will close the gap between your lower back and your recliner, making sure you’re always getting the support you need.

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Man relaxing in zero-gravity recliner

Mimicking an astronaut's position during take off, a zero-gravity feature is designed to make you feel relaxed, weightless, and stress-free. In addition, having your legs above your heart improves circulation throughout your body, which helps with certain blood circulation conditions.