Recliners On Display

Tips for Shopping In Stores for a Recliner

By: Joe Craddock

When shopping for the perfect reclining chair, it’s important to try before you buy. No matter what type of recliner you’re looking for, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your in store shopping experience.

Tip 1: Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Ride

Buying a recliner is not cheap, so it’s important that you treat this experience like you would a test drive for a new car. Try every recliner, sprawl out, lean all the way back until you can’t lean back anymore. Act as if you’re in your own home, a bowl of popcorn on your lap, ready to spend your entire Saturday night having a movie marathon. This recliner is going to become a fundamental part of your everyday life, so it’s crucial that you try out every feature and figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Like you would with a test drive - just enjoy the ride.

Tip 2: Take Your Time

When it comes to buying a recliner - or doing anything else in life - you can’t rush perfection. Buying a recliner is a big commitment, and the process of finding the perfect recliner should take as long as you need. You shouldn’t worry about hogging a certain recliner for too long, or wasting the salesperson’s time. The recliner you end up purchasing is going to be one you likely spend hundreds of hours in, so the least you can do for yourself is spend more than 5 minutes trying it out. Close your eyes in the middle of the store and see how long it takes you to doze off - do whatever it is you need to do in order to find your perfect match.

Tip 3: Find a Recliner that fits you

Everyone’s body is different. When shopping for a recliner, make sure you’re choosing a recliner that fits your unique body. Here are the most important measurements to look for when testing recliners:

  1. Seat Depth - When sitting in a fully upright position, you want your feet to be flat on the floor with a small gap between the back of your knees and the cushion,  and your lower back should be in contact with the backrest.
  2. Backrest Height - Pay attention to where your head and neck fall while sitting upright and reclined. Your head should be level, not forced forward or leaning back which will strain your neck muscles.
  3. Foot Rest Length - Many people assume that the footrest should be longer than your legs while fully reclined, which is a common misconception. In fact, the edge of your footrest should align with your ankle, allowing your ankle to dangle from the edge.

Tip 4: Don’t spend more for features you don’t need

Seeing the hefty price tag of a floor model recliner can be overwhelming at first, but it’s likely that you’re not being shown the most cost-friendly version of that recliner. Nowadays, recliners are equipped with high-tech features such as power lumbar support, adjustable power headrests, etc., and the expenses of those features add up. Many recliners come with a combination of as many - or as few - of these features as you would like. As you’re trying out each feature, take note of which ones you want/need, and be mindful of the fact that more features equals more money out of your pocket. Ask lots of questions, and before you fall in love with a recliner you can’t afford, find out if you can get the same model for cheaper.