Kid- and Pet-Friendly Recliner Features

Kid- and Pet-Friendly Recliner Features

By: Mandy Anderson

Nothing brings more joy to our lives than our babies and fur-babies, so why not shop for recliners with them in mind? If you have children or pets in your home, you may want to consider buying a recliner designed with safety in mind. Here are four safety features that will help prevent serious accidents from happening:

1. One-Piece Footrest
Many recliners are built with a 2-3 part chaise with gaps, perfectly sized for curious little legs and arms. Keep your kids and pets safe by shopping for recliners with a solid, one-piece footrest. Not only are these types of recliners safer for everyone, they also provide more lower body support.

2. Footrest Sensor
The underside of a recliner can be an attractive place to hide, especially for cats and dogs. Should an unexpected child or pet make their way under a footrest, a footrest sensor will automatically stop the chair from lowering, preventing any potential tragedies. This feature is only available on power recliners.

3. Rocking/Gliding Lock
Some rocking and gliding recliners are now equipped with a locking mechanism that obstructs rocking while reclining. while relaxing in a reclining position, your control and stability are limited. Should a child run by and bump your chair or a pet suddenly jump onto your lap, you can be confident that you’ll remain stable and prevent potential injury.